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"Fear of Landing" Official Video


Peter's new album, #DontLetMeBeAlone is complete! 

Well it's taken longer then The Beatles​ took to record Sgt. Peppers, but today my producer John Campos and I put the final touches on what will be my new album.  Our work is done! It will go to Chris Gehringer later this week for mastering and then we will be preparing to release it sometime in September.  The album will be called #DontLetMeBeAlone. There are lots of people who helped out so I am definitely not alone as it turns out.

Because I am feeling a bit emotional, I wanted to mention all the people who contributed.  A big thanks to:  Paul Briscoe​, Chris Gehringer, Tim Veeder, Matt Calabrese, Eve Soto, Katira Campos, Tayana Balic, Stephanie Serra, Effective Immediately PR​, Ron Skoler, Mark Kerr, and Shervin Lainez.  I also would like to thank all of my fans and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who shower me with so much praise that I was able to see this process through to the end.  Last but not certainly not least, I have to thank John Campos​ who was with me every step of the way.  Besides producing and engineering every track, he was instrumental in the writing process by telling me what was good, what sucked, what needed work, and what I should let die on the paper.  I had stepped away from writing for a period in my career and it was John who brought me back.  If you appreciate what I do then you have him to thank.  He is my partner and friend and I could not have made any of this music without him.  

I am so proud of these #songs and hope everyone is as excited to hear them as we are to get them out to you.  I appreciate everyone's support along the way and hope you will all continue to spread the word and help me get my #music reach as many people as possible.  Keep your ears open, "Don't Let Me Be Alone" is coming in September!